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Improving Academic Writing Starts with Understanding Strict Standards

As a student, you should understand that formal writing is very different from informal writing. In academic writing, there are a set of rules you have to follow. Aside from grammar and spelling, you also have to follow a specific structure. 

Simple things like spacing and indent can easily lose you many marks as an academic. You need to use every opportunity you get to refresh your memory on basic academic writing rules. 

If you do academic writing for a living, you should already know that clients expect only the best from you. Ensure that you understand the instructions of a task before you begin working on it. Also you can find some good recommendations in unemployed professors review of different academic papers. 

Academic writing can be quite fun if you know exactly what you are doing. Invest in e-books that shed light on the best way one can go about this genre of writing. 

Here are seven tips to help you stay on top of your game.

Follow Instructions 

Unlike creative writing, where you have the freedom to write about anything in whatever style you choose. In academic writing, every assignment comes with instructions you should follow. 

Make sure you take your time to read the instructions and seek clarification if there’s something you do not understand. 

When you get the instructions wrong, no amount of effort will matter because you’ll miss the point at the end of the day.

Follow the Correct Format 

There are quite a number of writing styles in academic writing. As you read the instructions, ensure you catch the format you’re required to use. 

If you have doubts concerning certain aspects of the format you’re using, research to seek clarification. You cannot be using the APA style of writing and end up referencing in LMA. 

Reference Correctly 

Does the assignment require you to have in-text references? Do you know how to insert in-text references? If you don’t, then you should find out how it is done. 

Ensure that every in-text reference you include is legit. Some students insert reference within their text for the sake of it because they think the professor will not confirm. 

What such students do not understand is that professors have years of experience marking academic papers. If you make such a mistake, your professor is likely to find out.

Meet the Word Count 

If the instructions specify that your essay should be 1000 words long, you cannot write 945 words and expect to get full marks for your paper. 

This, however, does not mean you should use filler words to meet the paper’s word count. Take your time to research the topic in question and write a high-quality paper. 


The importance of research when writing an academic paper cannot be stressed enough. Make sure you go out of your way to get all the information you need to answer the question comprehensively. 

The internet is quite resourceful and you’re bound to find many journals and reports you can use to get the information you need. 

Backup your Points 

The purpose of in-text references is to back up your points. This way, the professor will not conclude that you’re spreading hearsay. 

Make sure that each fact or statistic you include in your academic essay is backed up with an in-text reference. 

Acknowledge your Sources 

As you conduct research, make sure you bookmark all the pages you opened. This way, you’ll have an easy time acknowledging your sources


Academic writing is quite distinct, and you need to follow all the rules to get full marks. Make sure you conduct extensive research so you have enough research material. Remember to back up your points with in-text reference. 

Technological Influence Is More Prominent in Life-changing Scientific DNA Discoveries

As a curious and even sometimes primarily self-serving species, we have a curiosity about the way of the world and of us. This curiosity is nourished by the ongoing shifts in focus in technological advancements that focus their efforts on life-changing scientific discoveries and explorations. This has always been the way of the world, and it likely always will be. Of all the branches of scientific discovery and exploration out there (and they all have their purpose and their value, of course) the rising focus and popularity of DNA testing is arguably the most exciting and impressive branch of science out there today.

DNA testing is one of the most popular branches of scientific discovery and exploration today. This is true around the globe, and it is a fact that continues to become more obvious as the days go on. We live in a world where technological influence is more prominent than ever, and an inevitable part of living in this type of world is that we watch on as time continuously proves that this is the way the world is moving, and it is the way that it will continue to move as life goes on.

A modern society drawn to understanding their core

Diving into DNA exploration has never been as popular as it is today. As a modern society, we are more drawn to going out of our way to understand ourselves to our very core. What makes us tick, where we came from, what the DNA coursing through our bloodstreams tells us about the past and our physical bodies’ connections to that past. More than ever, we are inclined towards further investing in and going to great lengths to understand the role that DNA plays not just in our own existence, but the existence of life around us and the world as (and before) we know it. 

The technological advancements propelling DNA testing forward


The technological advancements that are propelling DNA testing forward are life-changing in all the best and brightest of ways (for the most part, of course). As is the case with any technological advancement, there is always a period of trial and error. In the case of the technologies forming the framework of DNA testing, it is fair to say that these motions are becoming more important as time goes on. Technologies like the extraction of DNA as well as the in-depth process of understanding DNA, are more advanced than ever – and then some.


What all this means for the future of DNA testing


The innovations and further ongoing advancements in DNA testing have been remarkable up until this point, there is no getting around the fact. This is undeniably true. However, most excitingly is the realisation that this is just the beginning. The best is yet to come, and what is to come is going to make the past and current evolutions in DNA testing look decidedly small. What this means for the future of DNA testing is essentially that there is nowhere to go from here but up, up, and away. This is an exciting time for DNA testing.

Platforms and Apps for Social Media Influencers to Use to Get Ahead of the Herd

Being a social media influencer is a competitive industry. Everyone wants to get ahead and stay ahead, with more wannabes popping up every day. While it is supremely rare for those to get ahead without any help, it does happen occasionally and usually because they have very unique content or content that is largely accepted by many. Certain niches and aesthetics are just much more popular than the rest. 

Marketing Agencies

The number one factor that plays into helping any social media influencer get off the ground is their numbers and there are plenty of social media service agencies such as Famoid that can help give you a boost in the right direction. Buying followers are no longer a taboo topic as even celebrities need help in boosting their numbers and sometimes purchase some followers for a breakthrough or just for bragging rights. According to reports, Kim Kardasian and Rihanna are amongst those who chose to purchase followers. Even the president of the United States have been accused of having 15million fake follows. While you might still get judged for buying followers, it is a tool that almost everyone uses, the key is not to get caught using it. 

Feed Planning App

Grid presentation is very important when it comes to Instagram. Much like first impressions, it gives potential followers a highlight on what your feed is all about. If you have a mix or low quality shots and high quality ones, chances are you will turn away a majority of potential followers. Feeds which are highly curated with attention to theme, tones and subject will attract more followers. However, don’t copy what others are doing as it will only make your feed look like a duplicate. You need to find your style and make your feed stand out in order for this method to work. 

Scheduled Posts App

Facebook has the feature to schedule your posts, but Instagram lacks that feature, unfortunately. Whilst there is a “save draft” option on Instagram, there is no real way for an automation for posting but there are software that you can find online that is not only able to help you with your feed planning, but can also help you schedule your social media posts down to your stories on Instagram. Posting time is very important and sometimes you are unable to keep track or post when you mean to, so that’s when it is time to invest in a scheduling application that will take that one thing off your mind.

Hashtagger Websites

Lastly, the revolution of the century is the hashtag. It helps collect relevant posts together while allowing people to search for the tags that matter to them. For instance, you will be able to reach a larger and more relevant demographic when you use the right hashtag. It was created to help bring communities together and for people to find other like minded groups or individuals. Today, it is a tool that helps you get better coverage and exposure.

Compliance Jobs: Why to Consider Them

As industries expand and new ones emerge, new laws, rules, and regulations are increasingly being crafted. To abide by these regulatory rules and avoid missteps, organizations are looking for compliance officers. This has led to the high demand for talented compliance individuals and stiff competition for the available experts.

To keep up with the ever-changing rules, compliance positions are opening up, and companies are offering generous rewards to attract, acquire, and retain the best talent. The compliance field has been projected to grow by up to  8.2 percent by 2024. Highly qualified Individuals in this line of work can expect a salary ranging between $106,000 and $175,000. If you are considering to try your hand in compliance, here’s what you need to know.

What Job Description of a Compliance Officer?

The role of a compliance officer or manager is to ensure that a company is conducting all its business within the set rules and regulations that are related to its industry. This includes ensuring the company is abiding by local, national, and global laws, observing contractual obligations, adhering to professional practices, and obeying internal policies.

The rules are ever-evolving; therefore, the officer needs to ensure the company is always ahead of the rules. They identify, plan, and manage any regulatory risks. This protects the company from court cases, fines, a damaged image, and being closed down. To get the job done seamlessly, the officer must have intimate knowledge of the company’s goals and culture. One must also be well-versed in the industry’s laws, be up-to-date with the latest legislation, and keep a close eye on industry stakeholders.

The compliance officer is tasked with developing a plan that will ensure that the company is operating legally and ethically at all times. The officer educates the company’s employees about every law and regulation and introduces and enforces a new formula to help the company adhere to the rules. Periodically, the officer measures the effectiveness of the compliance measures and informs the management.

Typical Duties of a Compliance Officer

Compliance is a broad occupation, and officers in this field work in a wide array of industries. These experts can be found in any sector ranging from finance, healthcare, technology, accounting to real estate. The duties one performs within a certain industry will depend on the area you specialize in. You may be charged with technical work, while another officer handles standard tasks. Here are some typical duties of the modern compliance officer.

  • Designing, executing and managing the company’s compliance program
  • Coordinating with government regulators whether local or national
  • Reporting to the management the progress of the company’s compliance efforts.
  • Reviewing the company’s process to check for compliance risks and other weaknesses
  • Updating internal compliance practices and policies
  • Develop action plans to respond to possible breaches
  • Preparing compliance documentation and ensuring it is submitted on time
  • Guiding the management on matters of compliance
  • Planning and coordinating employee compliance training and ensuring they are educated on the latest rules

Skills Compliance Officers Need

A compliance officer is expected to have some set of skills to be successful in the job. The job involves a lot of communicating since you have to keep in touch with employees, management, and other stakeholders. Therefore, you need some excellent interpersonal skills. You also need to have a firm grasp of the company’s industry and the compliance laws. This is essential, especially if you work in a highly regulated industry. An officer should also possess analytical, investigative, organizational, and decision-making skills. Apart from technical attributes, an officer should be principled, factual, vigilant, have a strong sense of responsibility and be ready to keep learning.

Why Should You Consider a Job in Compliance?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider pursuing this career path. In this line of work, you will regularly brush shoulders with top management and other senior compliance leaders. Such interaction creates a perfect opportunity to network and build relationships.

Since there is supply vs. demand mismatch in the compliance field, professionals in this career are well remunerated. You can expect over 38,000 in the entry-level and over $100,000 at a management level. Apart from receiving a healthy paycheck, your job will be secure. There are few skilled professionals in the market, and companies are competing to hire those who are available.

Wrapping Up

If you are planning to get into compliance, you need to prepare yourself adequately. First, identify a field that you are passionate about or skilled in. Companies are looking to hire compliance officers who have bachelors’ degrees in a field that is related to the one they operate in. You can also take a professional compliance course to boost your chances of landing a great job. To gain experience, consider working as an interim contractor. With this approach, you are set to have a promising career in compliance.

The Rising Force of Virtual Reality

As far as entertainment technology goes, there is something to be said about the sheer exhilaration and revolutionary advancement that comes hand in hand with every new invention or enhancement. The world of entertainment technology is incredible and surreal, and it is becoming more and more impressive with every new day. While every entertainment technology invention is of course special and unique in its own way, there is perhaps no innovation as exciting or surreal as that of VR (virtual reality). VR is still a relatively fresh innovation in the field of entertainment technology, but even so, it has proven its value time and again. So, what is it about VR that is so widely appealing to so many individuals?

Defined as “the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real of physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors”. It is an apt analysis of the concept, but even that insight pales in comparison to the truth of virtual reality. There is a magic about virtual reality is unparalleled in any other entertainment technology. What is more, is that this is just the beginning. To find out more about other avenues in entertainment technology, you can learn more online. 

Entertainment tech continues advancing

Before virtual reality came to fruition, entertainment technology was already making exciting advancements. It seemed that every other day there was an invention or enhancement in entertainment technology. We live in a modern world that, like it or not, is becoming more and more digitally inclined. That means that digitally driven industries like entertainment technology are becoming more and more utilised. In the case of entertainment technology, it is the most recent innovations that are the most impressive and life changing – including VR.

The introduction of virtual reality

Virtual reality is still a relatively fresh concept in entertainment technology. Even so, in the few years that it has quickly gained traction as a leading force in entertainment technology, VR has firmly established itself as a domineering pioneer into the next era in entertainment technology. The all-consuming nature of VR makes it a powerful experience, as the individual experiencing the VR simulation is quite literally immersed in the simulation itself. It has been a powerful testament to just how remarkable entertainment technology is getting.

The power of virtual reality tech

At the end of the day, the power of virtual reality technology lies in the encapsulating nature of the VR experience. The power of VR technology takes entertainment technology to an entirely unprecedented level, and the most thrilling part of that realisation is that there is still so much advancement possible in this specific subfield of entertainment technology. VR is an entirely transformative innovation in entertainment technology. This is just the beginning for the possible advancements of this technology, and there is a lot more to be uncovered.

Start A Career In Digital Marketing After Uni

Every day our modern world becomes more and more digital. Thus, almost every person is talking about digital marketing and the way it is changing our reality. This industry is rapidly growing and offering many well-paid career options for recent graduates. If you are searching for a fruitful career ahead of you, joining the world of digital marketing can be a smart choice. You can even start your digital career for free. 

There is no need to enter a university again, you can join various online courses and obtain a certificate online. Various online platforms can help you pursue this modern and rewarding career and make a marketing internship. Free classified websites are large portals where you can practice your skills and improve your digital knowledge. 

Why Digital Marketing Is So Popular?

According to a recent survey made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of marketing and advertising managers recruited globally until 2026 will grow by 10%. Over 150,000 specialists in digital marketing will be needed by 2020 due to the “digital skills gap.” This notion describes that there is a growing demand for such professionals, but there aren’t enough skilled digital marketers to land these positions.

As a result, this profession is very profitable and demanding, which presents a competitive benefit to those who have recently graduated and can’t find a decent first job. The relevant skills can be easily obtained via special online courses and platforms. This industry is really fruitful and offers great advantages to newcomers.

Develop Your Skills

Although new knowledge is essential to enter the world of digital marketing, there are still many useful skills you’ve learned from the university which can help you start a new career. Technical skills are very important for becoming a successful marketer.

You should be a tech-savvy person – it is a must! However, having great personal traits such as multitasking, hard-working and adaptable is also necessary. You should be a constant learner and be willing to acquire new knowledge and even change your working structures.

What Kind of Professional Can I Become?

This career is very successful and rewarding. As we’ve mentioned above, there is a growing demand for these specialists in many countries. You need to be self-motivated, creative and willing to build great relationships with your clients in order to find a well-paid position.

This modern career offers so many opportunities – one can become a search expert, creative technologist, social media marketer, brand manager, or a specialist in big data and mobile marketing. The options are endless and each person can find a career to suit their needs and skills. 

The Advantages of Having a Career in Digital Marketing

  • Free kickstart – this is one of the main benefits of this career. It doesn’t require you to get a special degree in order to land your first job in digital marketing. Even online courses and certifications will help you start a successful career. For instance, Google Analytics offers Analytics Certification, Google Academy of Ads offers Adwords Certification, Microsoft offer Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification, etc. Select one of the top-notch websites providing such courses and get your certificate online.
  • Well-paid position – the demand for such specialists is so high these days, that there isn’t enough supply. Don’t hesitate to join this fast-growing career and enjoy its rewarding prospects and attractive job opportunities. Being a constant learner and improving relevant skills can help to be in trend and climb up the digital career ladder.
  • Promising career – almost every business is becoming digital, so digital marketing industry is evolving at a fast pace. More and more companies are looking for experts who can help their businesses enter the digital world through social media channels and reach more potential clients.

Use these tips to enter the world of digital marketing and start a fruitful career full of new opportunities and self-development.

Understanding How To Effectively Manage Classroom Behaviors

Pursuing any type of education can be a challenge. For teachers, it can be an even bigger challenge as they are the ones providing the education. Classroom management skills are taught to education students, but it is something that is cultivated by spending days in a classroom in front of students facilitating discussions. Many teachers will claim they like teaching a certain age group and that they cannot seem to click with the other age groups. For some educators, teaching kids is out of the question so they go on to teach college. Teaching is about caring and being passionate about the work one does. They must care for the students while also having a burning passion for educating others. Most teachers hopes and goals are that they have inspired their students so much that they will go onto a college or university to learn a profession skill like JC economics tuition or attend a technical school to learn a trade.

Aside from actually teaching, effective classroom management is something that can really help a positive learning environment. When a classroom runs smoothly, there is more time for learning and teaching. However, when students are chatty and out of control, the classroom quickly becomes chaotic and loses the sense of learning and becomes overwhelmed with negative behaviors. Learning how to discipline students without emotion can be a difficult notion to understand for new teachers. Discipline is effective communication before instruction and should never be emotion or use emotional appeals. Discipline essentially states the positive or negative reinforcements students will receive for unacceptable behavior. Students should first be disciplined before instruction. This simply means that teachers should first lay out what is expected of student behavior before the lesson starts. If teachers wait to discipline after instruction, it disrupts classroom learning and can have potentially negative outcomes. Stating expected behaviors before teaching will allow students to understand how they should act in the classroom while understand the consequences of their actions. For example, teachers should start each class by restating what appropriate classroom behavior is. They might have students raise their hand to explain to the teacher what is expected of them. If any information is missed, the teacher may remind the students what he or she expects from them throughout the class. 

Students thrive on routines with boundaries. Essentially, all students need rules. Without rules, students do not have limitations to their behavior. Students should be limitless in their creativity in learning, but should not be allowed to behave in any manner in a classroom. Problem students who act out in class often begin to disrupt the learning of other students in the room. This is not fair to the students who are behaving themselves and want to learn. For this reason, it is imperative that teachers quickly handle a problem student and get back to teaching the lesson. By using emotion to discipline, a problem student will learn how to play on the emotions of a teacher and try to get his or her way. That is why utilizing logical ways of effectively communicating discipline is in every teacher’s best interest. 

More and more students take to international study

The education industry is one that is constantly churning. Year in and year out, students make their way through the academic experience with the ultimate goal to graduate and take their years of education with them into a chosen career path. Of course, higher education is not for everyone, and that is more than okay. But for those who do flourish and thrive, going on to further their academic success in higher education environments, there is an excitement in knowing that you are choosing the pathway that is right for you – even if it does mean more years of hard work than you perhaps initially anticipated.

However, it also offers up unique, once in a lifetime experiences. Think of studying abroad, for instance. While there has always been a steady percentage of students around the world who have taken on the challenge of international study, that number has become more than a niche respective in recent years, and more of a trending approach to study. While the appeal has always been there, it has become more and more popular all the time lately, but why exactly is that? What is the appeal in abroad study that is becoming more and more of a priority to students all over the world?

Abroad study becomes more popular

Every year, it seems that more and more students from all over the world are jumping at the chance to experience studying abroad. Part of it certainly comes from the rise of the internet and the awareness of just how much the world has to offer (i.e. wanderlust), but there is another very real part that ultimately emerges from the reality that, believe it or not, studying abroad  will lift you up in more ways than you might think possible at first. And it all starts with simply applying to study somewhere else in the world, through your university at home (or just in general as well).

Abroad study lifts your resume

One of the most obvious advantages to taking on study abroad is the experience itself, but it is also about the distinct edge that it gives you when you graduate and start applying for jobs in your field. Sure, a degree is great, but more and more, employers want to hire candidates who not only have the passion and the educational experience, but real life experience and a flare for different experiences. Having studied abroad shows that you are willing and able to embrace new and unconventional approaches and experiences, and it makes you memorable.

Abroad study teaches you in multiple ways

Without a doubt, one of the best, most unique things about studying abroad is all that it teaches you – both in and outside of the classroom. From researching and polishing professional essays overlooking the Tuscan countryside, to escaping on your weekends to explore the coastlines of Australia, and everywhere in between, you grow not only academically and intellectually when you travel abroad, but also personally in ways that you never expected.

Internet security is a massive risk in 2018

The internet has provided the world with an entirely revolutionary system. Nearly everything can be done over the internet these days, and so we are entrusting more and more of our time and information into the depths of the world-wide web. This trust is, for the most part, entirely warranted, but the internet is also privy to online attacks. Not unlike any other technological evolution, the internet has had to go through learning curves. Online threats present themselves in many different ways, whether it be hackers or cyber criminals, and hundreds of individuals in between. Internet security is a matter that must warrant the utmost attention and the strongest of defences, because the truth is that, as it currently stands, there are too many threats carving their way into what was always intended to be a user-friendly revolution.

Even a small weakness in internet security can be a possible gateway for a gaping hole in the system, and consequential attacks, to come into fruition. These attacks can be anything from cyberattacks intended to steal data and sensitive information, to attacks on the human spirit and body. When a network is digital and entirely limitless, an attack can come from literally anywhere, with any intention. It can sometimes be entirely difficult and sometimes even impossible to counter the attack before it strikes. As awful as cyberattacks are, personal data can nearly always be recovered. Credit information can be cancelled or changed. Cyberattacks can be traced and prosecuted more times than not. There are worse kinds of internet security attacks that are happening, and the effects of these next kinds are longer lasting, and more dangerous than some can possibly imagine. 

The facts are there. Internet security is getting worse. As the internet continues to evolve and expand, so does the nature and severity of the cyberattacks that take place on it. With so much potential risk in internet security, it pays to know the basics, especially when it comes to children’s access to the internet. Programs like a guide to children’s privacy online can help them to understand the gravity of the situation, and how they can best protect themselves online. Undoubtedly the most harrowing internet security risk is that of attacks of the human spirit and body. Online sex trafficking, for example, is a global epidemic and children are being sold into horrific realities every single day. Even with every authority on earth working on abolishing the monstrous trade, the attacks continue to happen, and it seems that the trade is actually growing rather than dissipating. Shocking and disturbing to the core, this blatant abuse of humanity’s generations is the worst reflection of what can happen when internet security is not as air tight as it could or should be.

Internet security is fickle thing. We can think that we are entirely, unanimously protected all we like, but the simple fact is that a system that is so global, that is entirely digital, will continue to have issues until stronger internet security measures are put in place. It is a scary reality, but it is one that is going to be here until we can enforce a more secure, protected one.

Disney Poised To Dominate Home Entertainment With November Release Of Streaming Platform Disney+

It goes without saying that modern consumers are more reliant on entertainment options than ever. We have grown so comfortable, so familiar, with these creations, that we are even reliant on them now. We love to be entertained, and we crave constant original and reimagined content all the time. From the traditional cinemas, to an at-home cinema streaming service, and everywhere in between, film and entertainment have never been so monumental. For years now, at-home, on-demand entertainment has been dominated by home entertainment empires Foxtel and Netflix. Until now, that is. 

Leading film empire takes on home entertainment

Film and entertainment powerhouse Disney is set to release its very own exclusive streaming service, aptly called Disney+. The upcoming global release of the platform will signal Disney’s long-anticipated move into home entertainment. It will also likely signal an incredible takeover that will see Disney dominate not only the box office with its new releases, but on-demand home entertainment with its beloved (and ever-expanding) catalogue of classics. Already tipped to be a leader in home entertainment by the end of 2020 – just next year, if you can believe it – Disney+ is the talk of the town as the world waits with eager anticipation for its release in just under two months.

Why Disney+ is a force to be reckoned with, even now

From the movies now showing in the cinema, to the classics you love to re-watch time and again, all these will be made available on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney+. Over the years, Disney has acquired or partnered with many of the other leading entertainment empires (Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel, National Geographic, etc). All the content from these empires, as well as Disney originals, will be made available on Disney+. That makes it a powerful entity, even before its original release. But can Netflix, Foxtel, etc survive and compete?

What the release of Disney+ means for other at-home entertainment companies

While Netflix and Foxtel have long dominated the home entertainment sector of the industry, it is likely that Disney’s highly anticipated and highly publicised move into home entertainment is going to shake the foundations to their core, even taking over as the leading at-home entertainment streaming service. Why? It all comes down to reputation and the ongoing domination of an industry that the world has become reliant on. Disney has long dominated the box office, and it is easy to see why. 

With creative originals and magical reimaginings under its belt, in addition to a steady but rising takeover of many of the film and entertainment industry’s most successful entertainment studios, Disney is the most successful film and entertainment empire in the world. The decision to move into on-demand home entertainment just provides Disney with another opportunity to continue its expansive and ongoing growth of value, as well as the domination of a film and entertainment industry that is exceedingly moving towards home entertainment and away from traditional cinema experiences.

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