A lob haircut can be defined as the cousin of the short bob. It is a chic and sophisticated haircut that saves you the hassle that comes with the long hair. However, it flatters you the same way long hair would.  You cannot get it wrong with the lob hairstyle, so why not try it now?

In this post, we will show you various variations of lob hairstyles and how to achieve them. You should confuse lob haircut with a lob since they are two different things. Here are some common lob hairstyles that will give you a big change in your appearances.

1. Beachy Long Bob

You aren’t going to get a beachier dye job compared to the blonde balayage. This is because the darker roots amazingly enhance texture. When you choose to rock a long bob, whether extended past the shoulders or shorter, all you need is to style it into waves to rock this kind of stylish and summer-ready hairstyle.

2. Textured Golden Haircut

A textured lob haircut is an extremely modern hairstyle that you should try this year. The piecey layering adds texture throughout the hairstyle. Including waves into this hairstyle adds more texture into it and makes the golden hair appear very sleek, soft, and lush. What a great hairstyle for stylish women!

3. Voluminous Curled Bob

At first, when you spot this hairstyle, you will think that it is hard to achieve thanks to its sharp edge. It may not look like a long bob hairstyle when you look it from far, but with a closer look, you will notice all that is hidden there. The voluminous curls added into this hairstyle makes it look a little bit like short hair, but when styled straight, the hair falls below the shoulders at the back. The extreme side parting and the styling shows that this haircut can be ridiculously sexy.

4. Honey Swirl Extended Bob Haircut

This is a ridiculously effortless haircut to create at home. The locks fall just below your shoulder, and it is usually trimmed evenly all across. Styling it by adding waves into it creates more volume and texture.

5. Gold-Touched Extended Bob

Adding a tint of balayage can have a big effect on your haircut. It is specifically ideal for ladies with chocolate brown hair. The hair is trimmed parallel with the shoulder and the hair styled into sleek waves. The subtle gold touched offers your style a punk of brightness.

6. Razored Bronde Lob

This is among those extended lob haircuts for women that might be categorised as long hair if style straight. The brown blonde shading is rich and sumptuous in an amazing manner. The locks are styled and curled away from the face in an excellent manner that frames the face. It is completed with a razor cut for the maximum texture.