It goes without saying that modern consumers are more reliant on entertainment options than ever. We have grown so comfortable, so familiar, with these creations, that we are even reliant on them now. We love to be entertained, and we crave constant original and reimagined content all the time. From the traditional cinemas, to an at-home cinema streaming service, and everywhere in between, film and entertainment have never been so monumental. For years now, at-home, on-demand entertainment has been dominated by home entertainment empires Foxtel and Netflix. Until now, that is. 

Leading film empire takes on home entertainment

Film and entertainment powerhouse Disney is set to release its very own exclusive streaming service, aptly called Disney+. The upcoming global release of the platform will signal Disney’s long-anticipated move into home entertainment. It will also likely signal an incredible takeover that will see Disney dominate not only the box office with its new releases, but on-demand home entertainment with its beloved (and ever-expanding) catalogue of classics. Already tipped to be a leader in home entertainment by the end of 2020 – just next year, if you can believe it – Disney+ is the talk of the town as the world waits with eager anticipation for its release in just under two months.

Why Disney+ is a force to be reckoned with, even now

From the movies now showing in the cinema, to the classics you love to re-watch time and again, all these will be made available on Disney’s upcoming streaming platform, Disney+. Over the years, Disney has acquired or partnered with many of the other leading entertainment empires (Pixar, Lucas Films, Marvel, National Geographic, etc). All the content from these empires, as well as Disney originals, will be made available on Disney+. That makes it a powerful entity, even before its original release. But can Netflix, Foxtel, etc survive and compete?

What the release of Disney+ means for other at-home entertainment companies

While Netflix and Foxtel have long dominated the home entertainment sector of the industry, it is likely that Disney’s highly anticipated and highly publicised move into home entertainment is going to shake the foundations to their core, even taking over as the leading at-home entertainment streaming service. Why? It all comes down to reputation and the ongoing domination of an industry that the world has become reliant on. Disney has long dominated the box office, and it is easy to see why. 

With creative originals and magical reimaginings under its belt, in addition to a steady but rising takeover of many of the film and entertainment industry’s most successful entertainment studios, Disney is the most successful film and entertainment empire in the world. The decision to move into on-demand home entertainment just provides Disney with another opportunity to continue its expansive and ongoing growth of value, as well as the domination of a film and entertainment industry that is exceedingly moving towards home entertainment and away from traditional cinema experiences.