Death, an unfortunate reality one we are quickly accelerating towards.

As a matter of fact, the baby boomer generation is facing the reality of their demise more and more frequently.   Simply put the baby boomers are passing away at an alarming rate.

First of all it’s really unfortunate, with them goes the knowledge of their generation.   Experiences, stories, family legacies even, all gone with the demise of single individual. Now imagine what happens when the new generation disposes of books and even irreplaceable tangible items of their deceased parents.

In older days it would be a lot easier to rehome and reuse near anything when contracting home builders.  Almost everyone had a hobby, shop classes were prevalent.  Wood and tools were a snap to donate to almost anyone.


Sometimes antique furniture is forever lost, hauled off junk as junk.

Let’s not even get started on how often furniture is being disposed of after estates are sold off and cleared. Furniture can be challenging to rehome due to size and changing tastes of younger generations.

Add to that a massive outbreak of bed bugs and you have the perfect recipe to make rehoming of furniture difficult.

As a result furniture is another thing which is leaving us at alarming rate.  We are talking about old rope beds and even intricate carved beds, no doubt works of art.  Beautiful pieces which would disturb most people if they found out they were being lost forever.

However it’s easy to pass judgment when the burden of storing a families heirlooms are not on our shoulders.   Unfortunately the sad reality is even consignment centers are hesitant to take large furniture pieces.

Changing trends, creating waste.

Why? Well simply put a lot of this furniture no longer appeals to millenials who prefer mid century modern styles or minimalist options.

Sideboards, china cabinets, figurines, fancy china simply doesn’t appeal to the average millenial the way it appeared to those from prior generations.

Just think about the tiny home movement there is simply no way anyone is going to fit a china cabinet in one of those bad boys,, without a doubt trends are changing at an alarming rate.

No different than how old trends are disappearing so is the knowledge of our elders.

Of course that is unless they wrote books or kept journals, however even those are being disposed of at an alarming rate.

Whatever information they are unable to disseminate to others in the way of literature or internet will be lost forever.

Just imagine how much information, knowledge and experiences is lost once they all go.

Many times family members simply can’t take every tangible memory with them even if they really wanted to.

For example some individuals spend thousands of dollars paying storage lockers simply to hold on to “tangible memories” obviously that can be problematic.


It’s an interesting time in history we are living in, while it can be tempting to dispose of books it’s important to note computers have not been around for too long.

However books have been around for thousands.  Perhaps purposely disposing of our books in order to keep all our information in digital drives is not exactly a smart idea.